Giga Pet vs. Tamagotchi

  • By: Editorial Team
  • Date: February 25, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Are GigaPets the same as Tamagotchi?

No. Giga Pets are totally different from Tamagotchi. Although they have similar functions, their look is very different. Also, you do not have to feed the GigaPets every hour like with Tamagotchi pets.

Giga Pets are more of a Virtual Pet (like Tamagotchi) as well as an online e-mailing device or messenger (unlike traditional Tamagotchis).

Tamagotchis were first released in 1996 and has since been updated every couple of years, making it easier for those who cannot access computers at all time (such as school and work) to enjoy and play with their virtual pets during down times. Along with that came new features such as a camera, a clock and even an infra-red port.

Giga Pets, which were first released in the year 1999, was aimed for those who already have access to computers all day long at their homes . In this virtual pet, you do not operate it with buttons but instead you click on different objects and screens on your computer desktop. This way you could interact more with your pets without actually pressing any buttons!

Tamagotchi vs. GigaPet: Appearance and Interface

The appearance of both (Tamagotchi and Giga Pets) is very different from each other. The Tamagotchis come in small eggs while the GigaPets come in small plush toys. However there are certain breeds or models of GigaPets that do look like Tamagotchis.

The interface on both the devices is very different too. To operate a GigaPet, you need to perform certain tasks and go through different screens just like in a PC or Mac computer. You click and choose objects and menus on your desktop to access your pet’s information and to play with him/her. On the other hand, Tamagotchi pets are operated by buttons which makes it easy for kids who cannot read yet (they only have to press 1 button) but it also limits their interactions such as playing games with them or teaching them how to talk etc.

What is the best virtual pet?

Both virtual pets have their own unique qualities and features. For the Tamagotchi, you get to play games with your pet while taking care of it and teaching it new things. You also get to see them grow up before your very eyes!

On the other hand, Giga Pets give you more freedom and options such as playing online games and sending/receiving e-mails from your pet! However, unlike in Tamagotchis, there are no cute sounds or animations when you do something with your pet GigaPet on the computer.

Tamagotchi vs. Giga Pet: Maintenance

Tamagotchis are taken care of by pressing buttons every hour which makes it easy for kids who cannot read yet.

On the other hand, Giga Pets do not need to be fed every hour and you can even forget about them for a day without dying! However this also means that they don’t grow up as fast as Tamagotchis.

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Tamagotchi vs. Giga Pet: Price

The price of both virtual pets varies depending on the vendor and place where you buy it from. You can purchase any of these online or find them in physical stores near you . The average range for both is anywhere from $5-$15 dollars per unit . As for the games, virtual items and books related to either one, prices vary too but are equally inexpensive. Enjoy your new pet!

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Do GigaPets evolve?

GigaPets do not evolve. They stay the same from when you first get them to when they die during retirement.

Do GigaPets have a family tree?

No , unlike Tamagotchis, GigaPets do not have a family tree or any way to find out relations between other pets on your contact list. It’s just a one-on-one relationship with your very own virtual pet!

Do GigaPets turn off?

Yes, your GigaPet turns off after a set period of time. This is to save power so it does not drain the computer’s battery if you have yours connected on USB ports.

Do GigaPets need batteries?

No, GigaPets do not need batteries because they are powered by your computer and USB port. However this also means that there may be times when your pet won’t work for no reason at all . It’s best to save your contact list and game scores before letting your pet retire or die in case you want to start over with another one! The only Tamagotchi which uses batteries is the Mini Tamagotchi Keychain released in 2009.

What is a nano baby?

(in GigaPets) A “nano baby” is basically a toy egg that you can hatch into different pets depending on the color shell. These eggs are sold in packs (like trading cards) and each one comes with its own unique pet. The game also gives additional eggs for free if your pet collects all the hidden items or tinkles in the right way!

How does a Giga Pet work?

A GigaPet basically works like a Tamagotchi or any virtual pet. You raise and take care of your pet to keep it alive and happy for as long as you can! If you leave your GigaPet alone too much, he will die and retire from the game. It’s best to play with him, feed him and clean up after him regularly so he doesn’t get sick or lonely!

When did Nano pets come out?

Nano pets were released in December 2007.

How many different GigaPets are there?

GigaPets come in a wide variety of colors and styles! There are currently 150+ virtual pets available for purchase in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Each pet has its own unique features and characteristics. Check them all out here.

When did Tamagotchi come out?

The original Tamagotchi was released in Japan in 1996. It quickly became a worldwide hit! The U.S. version of the virtual pet was released one year later in 1997.

Why are GigaPets called “Nano Pets” on some websites?

You can see this controversy here . Nano pets were originally meant to be referred to as GigaPets by the company who invented them, Bandai-Namco. However, they started being sold under the name “Nano Pets” just before their release in 2007 which caused Bandai-Namco to sue Galoob for copyright infrigement.

Is it true that you need Windows Vista or XP to play with your GigaPet?

Galoob, the makers of GigaPets, recommends that you have Windows to play with these virtual pets on your desktop computer. However they do not say that you need them. It is possible to get it to work with Mac and Linux, but it may take a little more effort.

Can I connect my GigaPet to the internet?

Currently there are no known ways to connect your GigaPet directly onto your computer’s web browser or other devices. They offer some games for Download which can be played online though!