Who does Tatsumi end up with?

  • By: Editorial Team
  • Date: February 25, 2022
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Tamaki x Tatsumi

Both of them are very clear about their feelings toward each other. During the final battle, both held hands while confronting Yomiko when she was possessed by Dullahan. They also had small cute moments like the scene in episode 11 when they were having tea time and Tamaki purposely spilled her tea on Tatsumi’s shirt to get him out of it XD. 

And when Tamaki tried to make herself look ugly in order for Dullahan not to attack her (and nastily succeeded O_O) I believe it is a sign that if looks could kill, then Dullahan would be dead with just one glance from Tatsumi πŸ˜€

Do Akame and Tatsumi get together?

No. This is one of the reasons I want to make this list and put it out there: why did akame get such a bad ending? There were no hints or anything, and she was basically abandoned by Tatsumi when he went off to fight Esdeath

Akame x Tatsumi

Yes! They are so cute together! The way they look at each other! It was so obvious during episode 14 when there were suddenly all these random kisses being thrown around left, right, center. And when Tatsumi went after her in the middle of the night just because he wanted to see her face again (before leaving for his battle with Esdeath) Awww! I just love them together!!

Is Tatsumi in a relationship?

No. However, he does have strong feelings for both girls and will probably end up with one of them in the sequel which we all know is coming eventually πŸ™‚

Tatsumi x Mine?

Yes! Why did she die though? And so suddenly as well… There were no hints or anything to suggest that she would be killed off so suddenly and so soon! Well…like what I mentioned before, the manga only focused on Tatsumi’s battle with Esdeath and left out any lovey dovey stuff between him and Mine. So there you go πŸ˜€

Does esdeath end up with tatsumi?

Yes! The whole reason why they fought was because Esdeath really liked Tatsumi – who could not love him after all the effortless training he went through to become so strong, plus his personality and skills. And Tatsumi did like her too – but not in the same way she liked him (it was different from when he has feelings for Mine because Tatsumi knew what love meant even if for a short time). He had to kill Esdeath in order to save everyone else… But still, it’s sad that they died like that πŸ™

Does Leone end up with tatsumi?

No. I’m sorry to say that, but Leone does not end up with Tatsumi even though we all want them together! As far as manga goes, I don’t believe there is any hint them getting together which makes it more sad πŸ™

Does tatsumi kill leone?

No. I don’t believe so. As far as manga goes, Leone hated Tatsumi’s guts only because she was a slave of his and he shared her fate as a slave. She also became quite attached to him after they got out of the palace – which makes us all want them together even more!

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Is Tatsumi in love with Esdeath?

No. He definitely is not in love with her. It is different than the time when he loved Mine because Tatsumi knew what real love was for a short moment in his life and acted accordingly towards Esdeath without thinking too much about it.

Does Tatsumi ever meet Leone again?

No. I really feel bad for Leone, she did so much to try and find him but they never met once even though it’s been months since their escape! However, they will most likely meet up eventually in the upcoming sequel πŸ™‚

Is leone dead?

I don’t think Leone died after the final battle against Akame, which would explain why she did not appear at all during that arc – plus there are strong hints that she still lives on (see the characters section below)

Is tatsumi dead?

I don’t think Tatsumi is dead. He was fighting Esdeath for too long to die that easily, plus he had keeps healing himself with his imperial arms throughout their fight… But I guess we never know until the sequel comes out

tatsumi grins

Does Akame die?

No. I believe Akame is alive and well after her battle against Sheele. I cannot say much about this without spoiling but if you look closely at some of the panels they allude to Akame being very much alive! That’s my opinion anyway :

Who is Tatsumi in love with?

I cannot say much about this without spoiling, but I believe Tatsumi does end up with one of the heroines πŸ™‚

Who is Esdeath in love with?

Esdeath definitely loves Tatsumi and vice versa. They go well together because she’s a sadist and he’s a masochist πŸ˜€ However…This doesn’t mean that they will end up together even though we all want them to! If you guys want, check out my theories on who Tatsumi ends up with at the bottom of the blog post.

What episode does Mine confess to Tatsumi?

Episode 19. I think it’s a pretty cute confession, but I am more interested to see what happens after Tatsumi confirms that he likes Mine…

Who did Akame like?

I believe Akame liked Najenda, but I’m not too sure about this. You can check out my theories on who Tatsumi ends up with at the bottom of the blog post

Did Esdeath ever kill anyone?

Yes. She killed a lot of people and she even had fun doing it. It was just unfortunate that those people didn’t have any good weapons to fight back so they were all weak.

Does Leone die?

No. I don’t think so at least! As far as manga goes, Leone hates Tatsumi because he is a slave master and she hates seeing him together with Mine (which probably has something to do with the fact that he ‘loves her’).

What happens to Akame?

Akame lives on, obviously! She is alive and well after her battle against Sheele. Anyone has any doubts about this, they should go back to chapter 55, when she’s talking about “we still have things left undone” or something along these lines…

What happens to Mine?

Mine probably dies – but don’t forget that she can use the imperial arms cannon in order to kill herself if anything were ever to happen πŸ™‚ Who is Mine in love with?

I believe Mine loves Tatsumi (who doesn’t). But I’m not sure what will happen next between them.

How did Mine Tatsumi have children?

They were all orphans, so I don’t know how they got pregnant. You can just overlook that if it doesn’t bother you. It’s fine either way πŸ™‚

How many siblings does Tatsumi have?

Tatsumi has two sisters besides his dead brother, whose bodies are perfectly preserved in the basement of their house. They show up more often in the sequel manga series of Akame ga Kill!

Who is Tatsumi? Who is Bulat? What race is he?

Tatsumi and Bulat were slaves to a cruel master who forced them to kill other slaves for money and power (which were supposed to be used for their master). But after getting rid of and escaping from their old master, both boys joined up with a small rebel group of people and were taught how to use their imperial arms in order to fight against the empire.

Bulat being a pyradistΓ½n means that he is more on the angelic-looking side, while Tatsumi is more on the demonic – so it makes sense because he would have been trained by someone who was on the evil side during his past life πŸ™‚

What does Kurome look like?

Kurome has blonde hair and red eyes. She also wears glasses which you can kind of tell through some panels.